The swiss-food platform provides information relating to agriculture and nutrition. It is committed to providing factual information and promoting large-scale sustainability. The website contributes to objective discussion and openly addresses conflicting goals. It reflects the views of research-based industry. The responsible parties are Bayer and Syngenta.

The participating companies conduct research aimed at finding innovative, sustainable solutions in the areas of food production, nutrition and health. The resulting products are becoming increasingly effective, environmentally friendly and safe. The companies’ research also focuses on ways to reduce the emission of climate-damaging gases during the food production process. In addition, the companies support innovative processes designed to increase sustainability and resource efficiency throughout the value chain. The goal is social, environmental and economic sustainability.

There is no denying that the world faces major challenges: water scarcity, a decline in biodiversity and the loss of fertile farmland. What’s more, extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent, owing to climate change. The global population is continuing to grow. The need for food is increasing. The population is aging, and health-related needs are mounting.

In this context, research and innovation are of essential importance. They can help us overcome global and individual challenges in nearly every aspect of life. Without science-based production, the food supply and the supply of other necessities are at risk. A research- and industry-friendly environment is essential. This is the only way for Switzerland to maintain and even expand its innovative capacity.

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